A powerful mix of competencies

Aeltari Development (AD) is a joint venture between Mercury Development and Aeltari International.

In addition to Aeltari Developmentís strategic alliance with BISOL, it has strategic alliances with mechanical fabrication, construction companies and finance organisations. AD is undertaking technical and commercial studies on the improvement of outputs from PV modules in collaboration with a French and Moroccan Company. AD has industry wide contacts in renewable energy world-wide.

Through superior technology and strategy, Aeltari Development strives to keep ahead of the competition. One of the reasons we have chosen a strategic alliance with BISOL is their participation in an R&D programme under the EUís FP7 framework.


Aeltari is partnered with Lemer Invest and Business Ways, Aeltari has a strategic alliance with BISOL.


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Aeltari International is a member of AREC



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